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Simplifying the complex

Good Days is here to pay for treatments that can help return a degree of normalcy to your daily life. Red tape is the last thing you want to deal with at this time; our patient care navigators are expert in dealing with the healthcare and insurance industries, and will also guide you to affinity groups that can provide emotional support and any additional assistance beyond the scope of Good Days.

Getting financial help from Good Days starts by:

  1. Quickly discovering if you’re eligible.
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  2. Seeing if Good Days has a currently funded program for your condition.
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  3. Enrolling here on our site in minutes.
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Our Patient Care Navigators

Remember, our Patient Care Navigators are always here to help you with any of the steps above.

Thousands of interactions have taught us that listening with special attention makes all the difference. So we call our phone representatives Patient Care Navigators not just because they work with patients, but because they have patience as well. And empathy. And specialized knowledge. 

Support doesn’t stop at acceptance

Treatment regimens can be complex, and sometimes psychologically trying. To help you stay on your treatment in the prescribed way—something that’s critical to both your health and our ability to pay for those treatments—everyone in a Good Days program can use our patient portal.  Here you can monitor your treatment regimen with 24/7 access to your dispensing history and medication usage, plus take advantage of reminders and an interactive calendar—all to help you manage your care.

The portal also lets you check funding and track your payments. Your use of the portal helps Good Days show donors and partners that every dollar is being allocated to support full compliance with treatment regimens, a necessary step in securing continued funding for everyone.

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