Good Days is excited to announce that the 2022 Re-Enrollment Campaign is now OPEN! Patients will be receiving letters providing the following website, to re-enroll for assistance. The Re-Enrollment process can be completed by the patient or the patient’s advocate. If you would like more information regarding how to re-enroll, please review the Re-Enrollment Webinar available here.

Our Purpose

Our Commitment as a Charity

Our Purpose

To lift the burdens of illness that force people to choose between available care and the necessities of everyday life.

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No one wants to get sick and no one should go without treatment that can prevent, delay or cure a life-altering disease.

Our Call-to-Action

We can't do it alone. But together by caring, committing and connecting we can create more Good Days.

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The need for financial assistance remains as great as ever.

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As a charity, we operate in complete transparency and comply with all regulations. See our archived financial reports.

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