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Why your donation should be to Good Days

Good Days distinguishes itself from other copay providers by always putting the patient first. We not only pay what remains of the copay for eligible patients, but aid financially with travel and mileage expenses; ease the burden of re-enrollment; act as an advocate to disease-specific support groups such as foundations; and always refer patients to other copay assistance providers when funds are not currently available for their disease.  We operate with complete transparency and are in total compliance with all government regulations.

To discuss a corporate donation to Good Days, send us an email with an appropriate time to call and we will be happy to arrange an in-person meeting.

of every dollar raised goes to patients.
Your donations provide support to those in need.

The details about donations

Donations to Good Days are made through a number of sources. As a leading patient assistance organization, we operate within a complex regulatory framework. The regulations governing the healthcare industry, as well as favorable Advisory Opinions by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued to Good Days, set specific standards that must be met in order to stay fully compliant with applicable laws. In accordance with OIG opinion, Good Days does not disclose the identity of its donors.

Good Days is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is not controlled or influenced by any of its donors. The patient assistance Good Days provides is based on objective criteria that is applied consistently and in accordance with applicable laws.

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