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The path to treatment begins here

Every day, millions of chronic disease patients are forced to go without the medication and treatments that can drastically change the quality of their lives. In fact, 3 out of 10 Americans cannot afford to cover the expensive medications they need—even with insurance.

At Good Days, we believe patients should focus on the more important things in life. That’s why we work directly with pharmacies and doctors to pay for patients’ out-of-pocket expenses, so they can receive their treatments quickly and easily. Turn to Good Days for the industry-leading solutions that help patients feel like themselves again.

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How it Works

Once a patient has already seen a doctor, been diagnosed, and has received a treatment plan requiring prescription medication, they will go to a pharmacy to fill the prescription and learn what their insurance co-pay will cost. If the pharmacy is in our Good Days Network, the pharmacist or patient may contact us directly for financial help.

One of our Patient Care Specialists will determine if:
a) There is currently a fund for the specific disease
b) Begin the process of qualifying the patient for financial support based on their medical needs and financial situation

Speed Is the Key

Our goal is to help reduce patients’ suffering, and that’s why we move as quickly as possible to give patients access to their medication. The process of qualifying a patient and enrolling them takes only about 30 minutes and is usually completed while they are still at the pharmacy.

Our 20 trained Patient Care Specialists take in the patient’s relevant information (including name, age, address, SSN, household income, household size, diagnosis, and medication) and instantly determine if they qualify for co-pay assistance from Good Days. Once qualified, Good Days provides “conditional approval” and authorizes the pharmacy to fill the prescription for the first month.

Patient Portal

Log in to your Patient Portal account.

Our exclusive Patient Portal is a comprehensive web-based tool that offers patients a dependable method to monitor and track their account activity. By monitoring each patient’s treatment regimen, dispensing history and medication usage, it provides timely schedule reminders and an interactive calendar to help patients effectively manage their care. The Patient Portal also enables patients to check funding grant balances as well as track payments.

The addition of our Patient Portal not only helps patients monitor their account activity and stay on top of their treatments, it also maintains accountability for the funding patients receive. By ensuring patients stay in full compliance with their treatment regimen, Good Days is able to reassure both our donors and partners that every dollar is being allocated appropriately. In fact, patients who do not comply with their treatment regimen, as prescribed by their doctors, will be dropped from their selected program in order to secure funding for other patients in need of assistance.

The Patient Portal is one more way Good Days strives to simplify the assistance process and support patients throughout their treatments.