Types of Assistance

Support wherever it’s needed

Financial and emotional

Good Days is here to help: helping overcome the burden of treatment costs, connecting you to a community that cares. We not only make life-saving and life-extending treatments affordable, we act as your advocate, helping you navigate the system and guiding you to additional emotional support through foundations and other organizations dedicated to those with specific, life-altering conditions.

Co-pay assistance

We cover what insurance won’t—the costly co-pays for drugs and treatments that can extend life and alleviate suffering. Virtually all of the people we help had severe sticker-shock before they were referred to us. We have an understanding of what you are going through. Working closely with your physician or pharmacy, our ability to pay for the lion’s share of otherwise unaffordable drugs or treatments means these extraordinary medicines—some of the most sophisticated treatments in healthcare, the result of years of research—can be in your hands as soon as possible. 

Premium assistance

Good Days also has a premium assistance program for patients with a qualified diagnosis who need help paying their monthly medical insurance premiums. If the patient is a minor, Good Days can still offer premium assistance on a family health insurance plan paid by the patient’s guardian.

Help with travel, too

The frequent travel sometimes needed for a treatment regime—in town or away—can make staying compliant difficult. That’s why we created the Travel Concierge Program, providing both financial and planning assistance to help you maintain this critically important aspect of your care. It helps those eligible with everything from air travel to overnight stays to parking, when medically necessary as determined by your prescribing physician. An appointment with your healthcare provider must already be scheduled before we make any arrangements.

To ensure we can accommodate specific travel needs, please enroll in our Travel Concierge Program at least two (2) business days in advance of your appointment.

Transportation can include travel by ground and air to pre-approved medical appointments. If a treatment or appointment requires an overnight stay, we’ll even cover the expense and help arrange lodging. Secondary expenses such as parking, fuel and meals are covered, too.

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