Good Days is excited to announce that the 2022 Re-Enrollment Campaign is now OPEN! Patients will be receiving letters providing the following website, to re-enroll for assistance. The Re-Enrollment process can be completed by the patient or the patient’s advocate. If you would like more information regarding how to re-enroll, please review the Re-Enrollment Webinar available here.

Types of Assistance

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Here to Help

Good Days is here to help: helping overcome the burden of treatment costs, connecting you to a community that cares. We not only make life-saving and life-extending treatments affordable, we act as your advocate, helping you navigate the system and guiding you to additional support through foundations and other organizations dedicated to those with specific, life-altering conditions.

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Copay Assistance

We cover what insurance won't- the copays for treatments that can extend life and alleviate suffering. Our ability to pay for the otherwise unaffordable co-insurance means these extraordinary medicines- some of the most sophisticated treatments in healthcare, the result of years of research- can fulfill the promise for which they were developed.

Travel Assistance

Transportation costs can be a significant barrier to treatment access. The Good Days Travel Assistance program pays for travel costs to ensure patients have access to the care they need.

Our dedicated, specially-trained team of Care Navigators make all travel arrangements and stay in constant contact with the patient, physician and case manager throughout the course of the patient’s treatment. Travel assistance may include transportation by car or a variety of public transit options including Uber Health and Lyft for Healthcare. If a patient’s treatment requires an overnight stay, Good Days Care navigators will arrange flights, car rentals, and lodging as needed. By coordinating travel from start to finish, the Travel Assistance program ensures patients can easily adhere to important medical appointments.

Premium Assistance

Patients fighting chronic or life-altering diseases are often forced into financially demanding situations. At Good Days, we have a Premium Assistance Program for individuals who need help paying their monthly medical insurance premiums.

Although understanding the ever-changing healthcare system may be a challenge, our expert team of Care Navigators annually guide patients through the process of researching plan options and completing enrollment so that appropriate coverage may be selected. In cases where the member already has insurance coverage and only needs help with their monthly premium costs, Good Days will make payments to continue that coverage. Premium Assistance may also cover plans for the patient’s family where applicable. By guiding patients or caregivers through the enrollment process and providing access to medical insurance coverage, the Premium Assistance program provides families financial relief.  

Diagnostic Testing Assistance

Many insurance plans do not cover diagnostic testing, which could be key in obtaining a proper diagnosis and/or appropriate treatment plan. for this reason we offer financial assistance to cover the cost of diagnostic testing.

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