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We know that whatever brought you here was not the best of news. But we’re glad you’re here. This is where you’ll find all that we can do for you: which disease states are currently covered, how to apply, who you can turn to for answers as well as funds. Know that we’ll help you financially, and emotionally, as best we can.

There is a way forward

They may not have walked in your shoes exactly, but they’ve faced similar hurdles, and found a path forward. Hear from some people we’ve helped here at Good Days.

Applying for help—making it easy and fast

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Qualifying and enrolling takes about 30 minutes, and is often completed while you are at your doctor's office or pharmacy.

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Re-enrolling is even easier

We streamlined re-enrollment using the information you’ve already supplied. If you enrolled in the final quarter of a year (Oct. to Dec.) you’re already covered for the next year. Otherwise, re-enrollment occurs before the next calendar year.

Re-Enrollment Details

Many types of help

  • Co-pays and premium assistance In some cases, we not only cover the co-pay, but can also help with insurance premiums.
  • Travel assistance Some treatments aren’t easy to get to. From providing transport to paying for lodging, we can help.
  • Referrals to more assistance To get all the help that’s available, from financial to emotional, we can guide you to foundations and other support groups catering to your condition.

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