A Message from Clorinda Walley,
Good Days Executive Director

Hello and welcome to Good Days,

Every year we try to add to the services or kind of care we provide to our patients suffering from chronic disease –– with the ultimate goal of providing holistically for their needs.

This year, we are focusing more efforts around increasing our relationships within the advocacy groups for the diseases that we support. Developing these relationships and partnerships will allow us to better serve our patient population. For example, by partnering with a group who specializes in advocating for certain types of cancer, we can offer our patients additional support that we many not have been able to provide in the past.

Also our travel assistance programs continue to flourish. In fact, we have opened a couple new travel programs within the last six months. This travel assistance further addresses a common need of our patients –– it ensures that they can not only afford their medications, but that they have access to the therapy they need to manage their disease.

As I have shared before, as someone who suffers with a chronic disease myself, I know all too well that it affects every area of your life. That's why I'm so passionate about closing the gaps to ensure that we provide a holistic approach to the care and services we provide.

The good news is that as more caring people join us in support, that gap will get smaller and smaller –– and the future for our patients will look brighter.

Thank you to those of you who care about people who are suffering from chronic disease. To those who need assistance, know that we are doing all we can to help give you more days.