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Join Us September 12 & 13 for the 10th Annual Exchange

The Exchange connects key healthcare stakeholders, advocates and patients in an effort to continue to create awareness and support so patients can afford treatment to help extend their lives and provide more good days.  We are pleased to announce Robin Roberts as the keynote speaker during this annual event.

of every dollar raised goes to patients.
Millions go without life-changing treatments, simply because of cost. We exist to support those in need.

What is Effective Compassion?

Good Days supports those with life-altering conditions, from chronic to terminal, in part by helping patients pay for costly treatments insurance won’t cover in their entirety. But we do more than simply provide financial support. We guide patients through an opaque and ever-changing healthcare landscape, always listening, always responding, always caring.

A true safety net

No one should have to choose between basic daily necessities and life-saving treatments.

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