This summer, stay healthy and safe with these tips.


As summer sun and fun heat up, so do unintentional injuries and accidental deaths. To heighten safety awareness, the National Safety Council (NSC) celebrates National Safety Month each June. Read on for some easy ways to boost your safety

The more you know about safety concerns, the better. Here are a few considerations from Matrix Direct to get you started:

According to the World Health Organization, people need to eat better, exercise more and quit smoking.

Designing the right work environment to fit the person is important at work and at home. Doing so can prevent injuries, strain and overexertion.

Falls are a leading causes of unintentional injuries, and can result in emergency room visits.

Driving ranks among the most dangerous activities we do on a daily basis.

And with summer vacations getting more people on the road, the increase goes up.

Summertime means vacation time for so many people. Planning a safe trip begins with having reliable information about your destination. The CDC offers a wonderful resource with up-to-date info on destinations worldwide. You can choose from a list to get travel health information, travel notices, vaccination requirements and recommendations, and safety and security information.

Before you fly, here are some considerations. Do you use hair spray? Lighters? Batteries? Find out what you need to know about these and other items at the Department of Transportation’s “Safe Travel” site.

And when you’re packing for your trip, you might keep these tips in mind. Copy your travel documents (e.g., tickets, itinerary and passport) and tuck them into each bag in case the originals get lost or stolen. Leave copies with someone back at home. Pack medications in your carry on. If you’re traveling to another country, check with the American Embassy or Consulate to ensure your medications will be allowed. List your prescriptions, including generic names. Put the list in your luggage and leave a copy with someone at home.

The more you know about your health, the better you’ll feel. At Good Days, we’re dedicated to helping people achieve a healthier and happier life. Helping people live good days, every day. That’s Good Days.

Source: Matrix Direct