Good Days provides financial support for patients who cannot afford the medication they urgently need. With our proprietary enrollment system, we have streamlined the application process so patients can be conditionally approved in just minutes.

Same-Day Approval

The Financial Assistance Program from Good Days ensures patients receive their treatments quickly and easily. To become eligible, patients must submit a completed application form and a HIPAA authorization form, as well as provide proof of income. All enrollment forms are processed the same day they are received. Once approved, patients are given enough funding to cover their treatments for the balance of the calendar year.

Direct-to-Patient Assistance (DTPA)

callout-110Good Days measures its effectiveness in the delivery of financial assistance by Direct-To-Patient Assistance (DTPA). It measures how many cents of each dollar goes directly to funding out-of-pocket expenses on a calendar year basis. Currently, CDF maintains a DTPA of 91%.

Please note, because Good Days is a non-profit charitable organization, we cannot guarantee that funding for a specific disease state will be available. However, rest assured that if we are unable to provide financial help, we will refer patients to additional outside organizations that may be able to offer assistance instead.



The Good Days Premium Assistance (PA) Program provides assistance to patients with a qualified diagnosis who need financial assistance to cover the monthly premium for their medical insurance coverage


The Good Days Travel Program provides assistance to patients who need help with their travel-related expenses for diagnosis-related treatments. All patients enrolling in the Travel Program must meet Good Days’ guidelines and complete all necessary enrollment steps to receive financial assistance.


We offer transportation services, from road to air, for pre-approved medical appointments as determined by the patient’s prescribing physician.

In order to ensure specific travel accommodations are available, qualified patients must be enrolled in a Travel Program at least two (2) business days in advance of their healthcare appointment. An appointment with the healthcare provider must already be scheduled prior to arranging transportation.


From time to time, healthcare appointments require an overnight stay. Not to worry! Good Days will help arrange lodging as well as cover the expense.

Ancillary Travel Costs

Our Concierge Program works closely with patients to make sure secondary travel expenses, such as parking, fuel and meals, are also covered.