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Giving Good Days Winter Newsletter- 2020

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Meet Daniel and His Brother, Frankie

A Brother's Memory Lives On

After Frankie’s family learned he would have to battle a second, separate occurrence of cancer at just 30 years old, they quickly banded together to raise money for the cost of treatments, hotel stays and other out of pocket expenses they knew were coming. His family was tight knit and had lived humbly in Key West, Florida for the past four generations. Frankie’s grandfather was locally known for being the long-time painter of the anchored buoy marking the southernmost spot in the continental United States.

“When my brother was sick, the only organization there to help us was Good Days,” says Daniel, whose older brother Frankie passed in 2018. “Thanks to Good Days we could afford to provide him a temporary home near the hospital. My family is so appreciative that we had that support.”

Frankie had a complex diagnosis that required him to be in and out of a hospital that was far from home every few days. Good Days helped alleviate the financial burden by covering the cost of temporary housing and transportation costs for him and his family. Despite his own health challenges, Frankie continued to encourage others to live with hope and faith.

“To anyone who may be in a similar battle I have to mention how important it is to stay mentally strong,” Frankie wrote in an online fundraiser his family started on his behalf.

Earlier this year, Daniel held a community fundraiser to support Good Days in honor of his brother’s legacy. “I wanted to do something for him, to keep his memory alive,” says Daniel, who still lives in Key West. “I knew I wanted to give back to Good Days. We did not hear back from a lot of organizations when he was sick, but Good Days was there for us when we needed it most,” he said.

Recently, Daniel was surprised to find out that Good Days also helps with the cost of treatments that help prevent his grandmother from losing her eyesight. 

“I did not realize that my family is helped in so many ways,” said Daniel. “I am glad to have the opportunity to give back.”

Frankie’s strong spirit in the face of adversity continue to be a source of inspiration for his family and all of us who were connected to him.

“[O]ur minds are powerful,” he wrote during his second bout with cancer. “We must fill it with positive things. We also have to surround ourselves with positive people. Holding grudges saps our energy both physically, mentally, and spiritually. Search for something greater…knowing why these things are happening and having a hope for the future really gives me something to work for. I know it can do the same for you.”



In response to COVID-19, Good Days launched first-of-its-kind assistance programs to provide financial relief for non-medical expenses such as groceries, utilities, and rent to support eligible individuals who have chronic or life-altering diseases and have contracted COVID-19, or are experiencing economic hardship due to the pandemic.

As cases continue to threaten the health and economic wellbeing of individuals with underlying medical conditions, we are proud to continue to provide support to Americans who are most at risk. Visit our website to learn more about this program and apply for assistance.

“A million THANKS to you for your kind and generous help with my rent payment. Your assistance means the world to me as I face multiple cancer diagnoses and all the financial hurdles that accompany job loss and difficult treatments.” – COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund Grant Recipient


Good Days has launched a new mobile phone application to help our beneficiaries easily request patient assistance reimbursements. The app, which is available for both Apple and Android devices, allows our beneficiaries to upload receipts for faster payment of both medical and critical non-medical costs supported by our programs.

Visit the app store from your mobile device and download the Good Days Reimbursement App today! As always, our Care Navigators are available to answer any questions that you may have.



It is important to stay strong and feel good during the winter months. That may sound easier said than done this year. But even though seasons change, there is still much we can do to stay active and keep positive, says Morgan Anderson-Reed, a certified yoga and barre instructor, personal trainer, and licensed massage therapist who specializes in providing exercise routines for people of all abilities.

Morgan collaborated with Good Days this past Chronic Disease Day to develop tips that encourage a more mindful and active lifestyle. We caught up with her to find out her suggestions for feeling good this winter season.

Good Days: Many people who are high risk are spending more time indoors, as it gets colder out and flu season approaches. What can we do if we cannot exercise or take a walk outside?

Morgan: Once it starts getting colder out, try to adapt your space for a home workout. If you have stairs and can go up and down, that can be a great way to help build bone density. If you have access to light weights, try simple repetitive movements and use your body weight to give muscle burn. You can even use household canned goods or filled up water bottles.  

Good Days: It can be hard to make healthy choices during the holidays! How do you balance eating right with enjoying the season?

Morgan: I always recommend that you try as best as possible to eat what is seasonal. Fresh fruit and vegetables are good for your health and digestion. You must also focus on what is best for your own body. My sister has autoimmune issues and to help both of our diets we have been focusing on cooking with foods that are anti-inflammatory, such as tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, nuts, fish, and fruits.

Good Days: How do you focus on the bright side as the days get colder and shorter?

Morgan: Lack of community and sunshine are both important issues to consider this season. You need your vitamin D, especially in winter climates, to help lift your mood and wellbeing. One suggestion that might help is taking phone calls outside for 5-10 minutes during a warmer part of the day. You can use that time to connect with family and friends too.

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2020 has been unprecedented for all of us, particularly if you have underlying health conditions. After a winding year, we are especially grateful for our friends and colleagues in healthcare and on the front lines of this pandemic, providing hands on care in our time of need. Their skills and dedication make them real life heroes.

There are still challenges ahead, but our organization is extremely proud of what our community has accomplished together in 2020. Good Days continues to lead the conversation on the impact of chronic and life-altering diseases across the country. When COVID-19 hit America earlier this year, causing financial stress for millions of families, Good Days launched COVID-19 emergency relief funds to make sure individuals with chronic or life-altering diseases could afford everyday supplies and necessities. These funds remain open for eligible individuals and will continue to help protect the most vulnerable Americans until the virus abates.

This Fall, I had the opportunity to publicly advocate for greater access to care and discuss the need for charitable assistance alongside leaders of patient advocacy groups, federal legislators, and individuals who personally suffer from chronic disease during the Coverage and Access Forum hosted by United for Charitable Assistance. More recently, our team of Patient Care Navigators fielded record numbers of assistance program re-enrollment inquiries, providing seamless personal support despite the need to largely work remotely.

We are proud to again end the year with the highest independent non-profit ratings, including a 2020 GuideStar Platinum rating for the third year in a row, the highest recognition from the world's largest source of information on non-profit organizations. We are also proud to again be named a 2020 Top-Rated Non-Profit by GreatNonprofits, the leading provider of user reviews of charities.

We know that next year might present us with new challenges. We are dedicated to adapting our programs and services to create new opportunities that reach even more people who need our assistance.  

Thank you for your ongoing support. On behalf of Good Days, I offer my best wishes to you and your family during the holiday season. We hope that you can spend quality time with those you love and find some peace and happiness as you start the year ahead. 


Clorinda Walley, President

Good Days

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