Good Days is excited to announce the official launch of Empowered Us. Empowered Us is a storytelling and resource hub led by the national non-profit Good Days.

We explore the challenges and opportunities of the healthcare journey and share solutions for our community of patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.

We'll be launching new podcast shows and brand-new episodes in the coming weeks.

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Introducing Empowered Us

A Storytelling and Resource Hub led by Good Days

For the past year Good Days has been developing a new series of podcasts to complement our assistance resources and advocacy efforts. We’re excited to share that our new podcast network - Empowered Us - is now available for streaming!

Rising costs of specialty medications, complex insurance policies, increasing rates of chronic illness, and racial and gender inequality in our healthcare systems are issues that impact all of us in deeply personal ways. The stories behind our healthcare experiences offer important lessons and can inspire confidence in others who face similar journeys. Empowered Us is a storytelling and resource hub led by Good Days that explores the challenges and opportunities of the healthcare journey and shares solutions for our community of patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. We empower our community through storytelling, education, actionable tips, and resources for all of us who are on a health journey or supporting loved ones on their health journey. 

Charitable assistance grants from Good Days are a welcome relief for families in need, but it is our professionalism, care and compassion that enable us to build long-term and deeply personal connections. Through our advocacy leadership spearheading initiatives such as Chronic Disease Day, Good Days has expanded those connections and its impact beyond traditional patient assistance programs to include grassroots advocacy and public affairs on behalf of all chronic and rare disease communities. 

Our new solutions-forward podcast network is another extension of the support that Good Days provides. It offers a platform to lend greater visibility to our impact and leadership, as well as to foster new partnership and funding opportunities. Our unique differentiator will be our ability to pair sensitive topics and challenging scenarios with actionable insights to help others live their best lives.

We invite you to listen to our latest episodes wherever you download your podcasts or by visiting

Thank you to all of our community members, supporters and donors who help make our mission possible.


Clorinda Walley, President

Good Days


The Caregiving Soul, hosted by caregiving expert and certified consultant Dannelle LeBlanc, is a series of conversations with caregivers and caregiving experts to help build self-trust, define personal growth and connect to resources when caring for loved ones in need.

Dannelle is a Certified Senior Advisor and Caregiving Consultant who loves to help others persevere and grow through difficult life experiences. She blends 20+ years of professional experience in chronic illness and aging-related services with her lived experiences as a caregiver to help individuals and organizations navigate the challenges of family caregiving.

Technically Sick, hosted by Invisible Not Broken podcast network founder Monica Michelle, explores how innovation can improve access to education, employment and improved socialization for disabled and chronic illness communities with the creators and users of new technologies.

Monica is a Bay Area-based artist, writer, and creator whose work has been deeply informed by her chronic illnesses - Ehlers Danlos Type 3, Fibromyalgia, and POTS. Through her experiences, she has devoted herself to building communities focused on increasing empathy and educating the public about a variety of chronic illnesses and disabilities. She’s curious about how technological advancements can be made to increase accessibility for everyone.

Health in the Margins, hosted by writer, activist, disability advocate and Everywhere Accessible founder Tinu Abayomi-Paul, explores disparities and uncovers solutions to issues that arise with diversity and disability in healthcare.

Tinu is a member of Global Healthy Living Foundation's COVID-19 Patient Leadership Council Board, the National Pain's Community Council, as well as Women Who Tech's US Start-Up Advisory Board.


Join us to raise awareness this Chronic Disease Day. There are many ways to get involved and show your support. Here’s how:

Get social with us! Follow @ChronicDiseaseDay on Instagram for monthly social meetups, self care challenges from mind and body experts, education and stories.

Who do you stay strong for? Show your support on Chronic Disease Day by sharing who motivates you to be your strongest self and live your best life. It’s easy! 
    1. Fill in the blank: “I stay strong for ____" and write the word(s) on your hand (a piece of paper works too!)
    2. Snap a pic and share it on Facebook and Instagram.
    3. Don’t forget to add #ChronicDisease Day so we’ll be sure to see it! 

Does your hometown recognize Chronic Disease Day? Find out if your hometown and state recognize Chronic Disease Day. If they don’t currently recognize it, we’ll issue a request on your behalf. Visit to submit your name and hometown and we’ll issue a request on your behalf.


 “I honestly do not even know exactly where to begin with sharing my experience. It’s overwhelming. That’s precisely how their support toward my family feels. It makes me rather speechless. By nature, I am a giver... so to have to be on the receiving end of assistance of any kind was a humbling experience.”


“Wonderful charity---who'd have thought to assist those on Medicare with exorbitant insurance co-pays for certain medications and specified diseases, in our case, swelling on the macular in both eyes. The online application process was straightforward and, well, easy. We're so happy our ophthalmologist told us about Good Days.”


“Good Days has been an incredible comfort to me since my granddaughter Lauren was diagnosed with ALL leukemia at the age of 29 months old. I helped my daughter Joanne research organizations to offer assistance. I found GOOD DAYS in my search and mustered up the courage to call them. I couldn't talk and get my words out......I cried and cried and the Good Days representative listened and understood and that's where the comfort began. I have been speaking to this amazing staff monthly for the past 5 years. They truly care!!!!”
-Granny of 6


Have we helped you or a family member with access to care? Your recognition inspires us to work harder every day. Share your story at:



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