Due to potential COVID exposure and the continued safety of our employees, Good Days will be operating with limited staffing through August 9th, 2021. We will be assisting patients, providers and pharmacies electronically. If you would like to enroll for assistance, please visit https://www.mygooddays.org/apply. To connect with a Care Navigator, please contact us via email at admin@mygooddays.org or through chat by visiting https://www.mygooddays.org. We appreciate your patience and look forward to continuing to serve you.


Giving Good Days Spring Newsletter- 2021

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Meet Nhat Nguyen

Good Days' Newest Board Trustee

The Board of Directors at Good Days are valued participants that support strategy and operations for our staff and programs. We welcome our newest board member, Nhat Nguyen, a pharmacy leadership and operations expert based in North Texas who has dedicated her career to providing valued patient interactions. Nhat is a registered pharmacist in three states and an Area Healthcare Supervisor at Walgreens, the nation’s largest drugstore chain and one of the world’s most admired companies, where she supports more than 100 individual pharmacy locations.

“I just started my role as a pharmacist 21 years ago,” Nhat says jokingly. “I say that because in reality I am still learning so much. The healthcare and pharmacy business continues to change and you have to be able to grow with it.”

Nhat skillfully navigates changes in the healthcare industry and leads teams that ensure quality, patient-focused care. This often includes connecting patients with assistance programs that can alleviate financial stress. Among the challenges faced by individuals with rare and complex conditions are the financial burdens that come with treatment. Pharmacists regularly find that when a person is newly diagnosed with a chronic condition, among their most common concerns are being forced to choose between quality care and everyday necessities.

“We have been thrown a huge variable with the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Nhat. “The need for healthcare and access to specialty medications has been amplified. People who were in this predicament before are in greater need of assistance and others are finding themselves in this position for the first time.”

After the pandemic became more serious last March and stay-at-home orders began to be enacted across the country, pharmacists at Walgreens were among the essential workers who kept their doors open so that they could still provide care to patients.

“I am proud of my colleagues who continue to help not only with vaccination efforts, but also keeping our patients healthy and out of hospitals. Community pharmacists have and continue to be on the front lines to support our communities and provide access to care.” says Nhat.

When severe and unexpected winter storms upended communities in Texas earlier this year and delayed a shipment of dry ice needed to maintain the temperature of the COVID-19 vaccines being administered in the region, Nhat and her team had to quickly ensure the safekeeping and delivery of more than 20,000 doses to support vulnerable populations.

“We sometimes say it takes a village, but this past year we have been able to see the need for an entire village to come together,” says Nhat. “Not just from a provider or payer perspective, but so many major stakeholders are needed to figure things out. We still have a lot of problems to solve but it has been inspiring to see how we can collaborate with so many different business partners around community and advocacy.”




As we approach Chronic Disease Day, stay on the lookout for opportunities to get involved!

Our four-part webinar series kicked off in March with a special discussion on caregiving in America. Be sure to join us in June and July for additional webinar events, Chronic Disease Day giveaways and opportunities to participate in our “I Stay Strong For…” 2021 campaign.

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You’ll also find our latest ‘How To’ videos for assistance with topics like signing up for a new healthcare plan during the expanded Open Enrollment period and using our new Good Days Reimbursement Mobile app



Many patients who have been diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) understand that living with vision loss can be challenging, especially when it affects your ability to drive, read or recognize the faces of loved ones. Although the condition is chronic and lifelong, research has shown that there are many ways to successfully cope with the effects of AMD and to help slow vision loss.

One key organization that has led the way to prioritize funding, produce research, and advocate for the rights of the visually impaired is the Macular Degeneration Association. The non-profit’s virtual programs, available at www.macularhope.org, bring together true experts in the field of retina disease who have participated in clinical trials, spoken at many events and have written numerous articles to advance our understanding of AMD. These programs also discuss topics ranging from ongoing research and general health information to coping mechanisms which have been proven to slow the process of vision loss, such as healthy eating, exercising, and other lifestyle choices.

“I am a living example that realizing the symptoms and getting regular eye exams can catch AMD early and stop the progression of the disease,” says Larry Hoffheimer, founder of the Macular Degeneration Association. “I have 20/20 vision today because my retinal specialist was able to immediately administer the eye injections I needed.”

Larry, who continues to serve as the association’s board chairman, first experienced AMD when his mother lost her vision to the disease. Driven by his mother’s battle, Larry formed the not-for-profit foundation to educate, empower and share hope with AMD patients. His familiarity with the condition helped him immediately recognize the signs of early onset AMD in himself.

“Patient assistance charities like Good Days are so important to the AMD community. Their support can mean all the difference in the world for a person and their family,” says Larry. “We’re so grateful that these assistance programs help make the latest treatments accessible to people who otherwise would have to forgo treatment.”

Through its research, programming and support, the Macular Degeneration Association has paved the way for a brighter future for countless individuals. With a focus on teaching people how to live full and comfortable lives despite vision diseases and challenges, the organization empowers patients and caregivers to take charge and build a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Good Days is Commited to Supporting the Macular and Retinal Disease Communities...

Good Days has provided over 1.2 million grants to people in need of sight saving treatment since inceptions of the Macular and Retinal programs.

"Good Days will continue to advocate on behalf of the people we serve to eliminate financial barriers to life saving and life changing treatments," said Clorinda Walley, President of Good Days.




As we enter the Spring season, we are extremely proud of what we have already accomplished in 2021 and grateful for the opportunity to reach new people and grow our community in the months to come.

The growing rate of COVID-19 vaccinations offer an abundance of hope for brighter and healthier days ahead. While there is much to look forward to, we must also appreciate that millions of Americans continue to experience unprecedented financial stress, with people struggling to pay for basic necessities including medicine and healthcare.

As always, our team is dedicated to providing support for those of us who are in greatest distress. Last year, our team of Care Navigators received more than 95,000 calls, 81,000 emails, and 45,000 chats from people across the country who inquired on enrolling in our assistance programs. Thankfully, we were able to match tens of thousands of Americans to programs and services so that they can receive the healthcare that they need and deserve. As you might imagine, today’s need for support remains much greater than the resources available.

At Good Days, we commit to delivering patient-centered programs and solutions that provide real support to as many people as possible. Our COVID-19 emergency relief funds are available to make sure people with chronic or life-altering diseases can afford critical supplies and medical expenses throughout the pandemic. We also launched a first-of-its-kind mobile phone application to help eligible Americans with a costly chronic or rare condition to more easily request patient assistance reimbursements.

As chronic conditions impact more and more Americans each year, our non-profit is leading the charge to raise awareness and advocate for greater support for our community. This coming July 10, Chronic Disease Day 2021 will bring together a diverse coalition of patient advocacy partners to help build a healthier America and support those with unpreventable illnesses. We hope you will find this year’s resources engaging and helpful, and we encourage you to help us raise awareness too.

Thank you to all of our generous donors who help make possible our ability to extend a helping hand when it's needed most. We are incredibly grateful for your support. 


Clorinda Walley, President

Good Days

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