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Good Days works closely with healthcare providers and specialty pharmacies to provide patients instant access to the medication and treatments they need to improve their lives. Through our proprietary systems and unique organizational structure, we’re casting aside traditional business models and transforming the entire industry.

patients-icon02HOW TO APPLY

At Good Days, we believe patients should focus on the more important things in life. That’s why we work directly with pharmacies and doctors to pay for patients’ out-of-pocket expenses, so they can receive their treatments quickly and easily. Learn how to apply today.

patients-icon03PATIENT FAQ

Existing patients can learn more about our re-enrollment process. If you are currently an existing patient, you can apply for re-enrollment by completing the re-enrollment packet. If you need further assistance, contact Good Days (877) 968-7233 or via email at


Review the list of diseases and medications covered by Good Days. We maintain individual Disease Trusts with separate funds for each of the disease states we cover. Each disease, as well as the different medications covered, is defined using proprietary guidelines.