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The 2019 Exchange from Good Days


When you have a chronic or rare condition, there can be many obstacles you face every day. It often takes a relentless attitude to keep moving forward. To recognize and celebrate the strong and positive attitudes of the people we support and those facing chronic and rare disease across the country, the theme of our 11th annual The Exchange from Good Days this year was Be Relentless.

The Exchange is our yearly conference to increase awareness on the critical role of charitable patient assistance. It is also a chance to meet with partners and attendees and to develop collaboration opportunities for the common goal of improving access to care.

This year we were joined by the individuals and families we support, patient non-profit groups we partner with, industry stakeholders, and event sponsors AllianceRx Walgreens Prime, CVS Health, Avella Specialty Pharmacy, BriovaRx, Red Dwarf, and ReNue Rx, for a series of inspiring and enlightening presentations followed by a keynote address by legendary NFL quarterback Peyton Manning.

In addition to Manning, Good Days was glad to present featured speakers including Naomi Judd, country music superstar and six-time Grammy winner; Courtney Clark, brain cancer survivor and organizational change expert; and Jake Olson, the first-ever blind player to snap in a college football game and who continues to inspire millions of people all across the county.

Each speaker shared their own unique insights and gave rousing speeches recalling their own experiences of being relentless with a highly engaged audience.

Good Days is here to help remove barriers that keep people from accessing the care they need. Non-profit charitable assistance is a critical safety net for many people who live with rare, chronic, complex or life-threatening conditions. Join us next year to learn more about partnering with us and contributing to our mission. For more information on next year’s event, email TheExchange@MyGoodDays.org.  



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