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The 2018 Exchange: Featuring Speaker William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

The 2018 Exchange connects key healthcare stakeholders, advocates and patients in an effort to create awareness and support patients in affording life-saving treatments that lead to more good days. We are pleased to announce William G. (Bill) DeFoore, Ph.D. as a featured speaker during this annual event.

Dr. DeFoore is an author, counselor, coach, speaker and owner of Halcyon Life Enterprises.  He speaks internationally on emotional intelligence and emotional wellness in personal and business relationships.  He has designed and provided educational programs for Native Americans, Montessori students in Mexico, inmates of federal prisons, Fortune 500 business leaders and people from all walks of life.  He served as an adjunct faculty member with Cooper Aerobics Center for 25 years, and was a regular commentator on LIME radio for 6 years. Through his work, Dr. DeFoore helps individuals and organizations bring body, mind and spirit into an integrated focus, leading to enhanced levels of personal and professional integrity. His work integrates positive psychology and emotional intelligence in a clear and easily understandable way, providing a practical model for successful functioning in the world. 

Join Good Days for our 10th Annual Exchange! Learn more about the event by clicking here.

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