The 2022 Exchange Conference

The Next Chapter

Our 13th Annual Good Days Exchange conference featured keynote speaker, Selma Blair. Selma is a chronic disease advocate and an American actress known for her work in Cruel Intentions, Legally Blonge, The Sweetest Thing, Hellboy and many other notable films and television shows. In 2018 Selma was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, her public battle with the disease and struggles to access needed care illustrate many of the challenges any of us face when dealing with an unexpected health diagnosis. Selma gave an interview on Good Morning America shortly after her diagnosis. She spoke of her fears, but also about the relief she felt in her diagnosis. More importabtly, she spoke about how she was going to approach her future. She boldly stated that this was the start of her second act. As soon as Good Days' president, Clorinda Walley, heard that, The Next Chapter was born. This year's event theme, The Next Chapter, focused on the power of hope, perspective, strength and community. This event brought key healthcare stakeholders, advocates, and patients together to help drive awareness, advocacy and assistance. These are OUR people, this is OUR community, this is OUR opportunity, and this is OUR story! Together, we will write The Next Chapter!

In addition to Selma Blair, Good Days was proud to present featured speakers inluding Simon Keith, heart-transplant recipient and professional soccer player; Dr. Kien Vuu, health and human optimization champion and best-selling author; and Ashley Rhodes-Courter, advocate for children and families and international best-selling author.

Each speaker told their story about how they have overcome adversity to be where they are today and why they are excited to write their next chapters. 

Good Days is here to help remove barriers that keep people from accessing the care they need. Non-profit charitable assistance is a critical safety net for many people who live with rare, chronic, complex or life-threatening conditions. Join us next year to learn more about partnering with us and contributing to our mission. For more information on next year’s event, email


Ashley Rhodes-Courter, Dr. Kien Vuu, and Simon Keith stand together with their books at the 2022 Exchange Conference.

Good Days President, Clorinda Walley, interviewing Selma Blair at the 2022 Exchange Feature Dinner.

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