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2022 Chronic Disease Day

Chronic Disease Day 2022


Chronic diseases account for 7 of the top 10 causes of death in America and more than 90 percent of our annual healthcare spending. Hundreds of thousands of Americans who suffer from unpreventable chronic conditions need access to care. But the deadliest and costliest chronic diseases are also the most preventable. Good Days promotes actionable resources to lower the rate of preventable chronic diseases so that our healthcare system can better support individuals with unpreventable chronic conditions and invisible illnesses.

This year, to help spread awareness of Chronic Disease Day and celebrate how far we've come, Good Days hosted a Kick-Off luncheon at their headquarters on July 8th with their community. Patient advocates, policymarkers and comminuty leaders were all in attendance to kick-off Chronic Disease Day's in-person initiatives. Good Days' president, Clorinda Walley, welcomed the Mayors of Frisco and McKinney Texas who recognized July 10th as Chronic Disease Day in their respective cities. Individuals at the luncheon and the Good Days office helped raise awareness through the "I Stay Strong" campaign and shared who motivates them to be their strongest selves and live their best lives!


On July 10th, landmarks lit up orange across the nation like Aloha Tower in Hawaii that also hosted a special lighting reception event to further help raise awareness. In addition, a majority of governors issued state proclamations on our behalf, recognizing Chronic Disease Day as a national holiday!

Our signature livestream event took place on Tuesday, July 19th and featured Director of the CDC, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Acting Director of the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Douglas Lowry and many other policymakers and experts. 

You can learn more about Chronic Diseae Day, our initiatives and listen to the latest livestreams by visiting


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