From Our Newsletter: Patient Spotlight - Sara

A CHRONIC ILLNESS WON’T STOP THIS FAMILY FROM HAVING A MERRY CHRISTMAS. Despite their living situation, Sara’s family is just happy to be together during the holidays!

After Katherine found out that her 12-year old daughter Sara’s illness required that she receive a kidney transplant, her family suddenly also needed lodging within 30 minutes of her medical team in case a transplant becomes available. Through our Travel Assistance program, Good Days helps their family with lodging assistance near Sara’s hospital. Despite the hardships they face this year, their family remains positive and is ready for the holidays no matter what.

Our family is huge into the holidays and normally we are that house on the block with all the stuff in the yard and all the lights and the whole craziness. But this year is a little different because we don’t have a yard to decorate and we can’t leave town.

Good Days has enabled us to be together. We have a space to pile in and still be together for the holidays and have that sense of family while being 10 minutes from the hospital just in case that kidney arrives. So our family will be coming here and I think that the important thing to remember is that we need to be grateful for every minute.

It doesn’t matter if you are cooking a turkey in a tiny little oven. It doesn’t matter. We have so much to be grateful for this year. It’s brought about a new sense of gratitude in our family that we can be together for the holidays even if it’s not at our home. We can all pile in here and just be a family and celebrate. We are just doing it different this year. Sara says we are getting a white Christmas tree, because every year we have a green Christmas tree, so we’re going to toss things upside down this year and we’re just making the most out of all of it.

We go to the same dialysis clinic for days a week and you see some really, really sick people there. It’s been an incredibly inspired journey to meet them and hear their stories. For the most part they are grateful everyday they can get out of bed. And if they can do that so can we. We also have an amazing transplant team here, world class, taking care of Sara. We have so much to be thankful for.

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