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Sierra’s family found hope in what seemed like a dire situation

Dealing with your own chronic illness is tough enough, but when it affects a child close to you, it can be particularly hard on an entire family. Hanna Boisselle’s niece Sierra is 14 years old and suffers from Nephropathic Cystinosis, a genetic metabolic disease. When Sierra faced changes to her coverage, Good Days was there to help navigate the healthcare system with her. “They even sat on the phone with me while I cried, encouraged me to be strong, helped make sure that Sierra still had a doctor and the right insurance, and got reimbursements for medical treatments that went wrong,” said Boisselle. “I thought you had to be destitute to apply for financial help. We were not wealthy, but we were not destitute either, so we did not want to accept charity that we thought we did not deserve. But even with a good job and income, when you have a child with a chronic illness, it doesn’t matter,”  Boisselle continued. “The medical bills pile up so quickly and become a huge burden, more than you can imagine. That $40 co-payment support keeps you from going into debt.” In addition to providing co-pay and travel assistance, Good Days also connected Sierra to the Ronald McDonald House Charities, which was also able to provide resources to help Sierra and her family. “If I find a situation where I don’t know what to do, I call Good Days and they point me in the right direction. Society has become so corporate minded. When you are dealing with insurance companies or others that you feel don’t under- stand what you are going through and how to help, and you fear what can happen to a child, it can make you so angry. But Good Days is always nice! It means a lot in those situations that they are there with compassion and patience. At some points, I would speak to them every week. They would even reach out to me when deadlines were coming up to make sure I was okay and had the support I needed. Good Days is always so pleasant. I don’t know how they do it. It is something  you just cannot find elsewhere. They are life-savers,” said Boisselle.

"If I find a situation where I don’t know what to do, I call Good Days and they point me in the right direction.”

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