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Greetings from all of us at Good Days! We hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving and look forward to the holidays ahead.

With the passing of every holiday season here at Good Days, we are filled with gratitude for our opportunity to support others. For every individual we assist with access to care, we help an entire family or community of loved ones. Every person we serve means more than words can describe to Good Days. I speak not only for myself, but for the entire charity when I say that we truly feel blessed to know that our work makes a difference for those who suffer from life-altering, rare and chronic disease.

We are also thankful for the support of our partners across disease categories who have worked with us this past year to promote awareness, provide access to care resources, and support the voice of the patient.

Whether you are a patient or a caregiver, we are grateful and honored to serve you. Our goal every day is to support patients’ needs to the best of our ability. We’re glad to announce that we will unveil a newly designed website in 2018 entirely with the people we support in mind.

The brand new will feature all the essential information found before but is now easier to navigate and more accurately reflects the spirit of our organization. Learn about the disease states and medications we support, travel assistance resources, enrollment and re-enrollment deadlines, login to the patient portal, or find news about patient resources and inspiring stories on our blogs, all on our new site.

We appreciate that for many individuals and families, the holiday season can also be a difficult and stressful time. Living with chronic disease forces you to re-evaluate your lifestyle choices, holidays included. December and January can bring extra planning, dietary restrictions and all-around stress that can negatively affect health. Don’t be discouraged if you need to simplify your holiday traditions where possible and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Please know that you have our support. We wish you hope, courage and happiness this holiday season.

Best Wishes,
Clorinda Walley, Executive Director
Good Days

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